At last years CES show, BMW issued a highly autopilot Technology (Highly Automated Driving), which integrate multiple security systems, impressive, and this year launched the latest autopilot technology can be said is that its more advanced version. BMW says, rely on progress in the field of vehicle sensors, whether manned or unmanned vehicle is in a state, its R & D system can reach 360 degrees comprehensive collision protection, in other words, it is the ability to reach every car Accidents do not happen the ideal state. This is BMW BMW named "360-degree collision protection," a platform that can automatically identify the surrounding traffic, the environment, and allow the vehicle to remain in a safe state. BMW i3 above test vehicle T25 turbocharger into the four high sensitivity of the radar scanner, so that they can continue to detect the surroundings, such as guardrails, walls and other obstructions. When the system determines that the vehicle approaches the obstacle to excessive speed, while the driver is still no braking action, the system will automatically perform an emergency brake intervention braking system, to avoid potential collisions, and it is worth mentioning that, error range of the system is very small, it may be performed before the collision at a distance of a few centimeters, the vehicle to a complete braking. If the driver before the vehicle braking realized easy road, and turning the steering wheel, then I want to avoid the obstacle, the system will release the brake pressure, vehicle to normal driving. The system can reduce the drivers line of sight is not good in the vehicular pressure or fatigue, and increase driving safety and comfort. BMW says, like all BMW vehicles 240SX Adjustable coilovers as an auxiliary function, the driver can intervene at any time to the system, continue to enjoy a high degree of autonomy.